Homo_astro [Do!] vs RampantRabbit [Legacy] TD: 3.263.355.000

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Homo_astro [Do!] vs RampantRabbit [Legacy] TD: 3.263.355.000

Post by Homo_astro » Wed Dec 11, 2019 10:49 pm

Rabbit had left their fleet down for a long time but I let it go until I saw that today they were (i), and that was the limit of my mercy and will to resist temptation.

The attacker has won the battle !
You receive 37500000 units of Metal, 24454238 units of Crystal and 50545763 units of Deuterium.
The attacker has lost a total of 0 units.
The defender has lost a total of 3.263.355.000 units.
A debris field containing 1.015.710.000 units of Metal and 942.303.000 units of Crystal has formed in orbit around the planet.

Four follow ups to collect the resources, and numerous little hits on their other locations, but this was the big one.

GLOTR RampantRabbit if you return.

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