Homo_astro vs Totos [SDU] TD: 114.547.846.950

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Homo_astro vs Totos [SDU] TD: 114.547.846.950

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Sat 31 Aug 2019, 21:42:33 Control Tower
Attack Report [x:xxx:x]

Attacker Loss: 0 Defender Loss:114.547.846.950
winnings Metal:1.594.190.620 Crystal: Deuterium:622.179.932
Debris Metal:43.239.468.720 Crystal:25.489.239.450

All DF collected + four follow ups to collect the resource cache.

Totos went (i) about 24 hrs after the hit, so he was already absent when I hit him, so it seems he basicly came out of vmode and then didn't log in again.

I'll say GLOTR, but I suspect he won't :(

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